Enabling impactful
socio-economic outcomes 
About Us
PanarQi Consulting specialises in assisting organisations realise their social impact goals. We work with organisations to integrate and enhance social impact in their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with stakeholders. 
We are a boutique management consulting company specialising in social impact consulting based in Perth, Australia. It was established to help organisations navigate the complexity of socio-economic issues. We work with organisations in the corporate sector (extractives, infrastructure, and agriculture industries), government sector, and community sector. We developed largely out of the growing need for organisations to strategically and effectively manage socio-economic issues and opportunties in communities.

Our approach is largely guided by the 'Systems Thinking' theory, which offers insights and approaches for dealing with complexity and helps us chart the course of creating meaningful social impact for our clients, their customers and the communites they are part of.
Our focus is to develop a clear roadmap for effective social impact outcomes, by setting parameters that determine success and most importantly, passing that knowledge to internal teams for long-term sustainability. 
Strategy and Policy
We understand that a social impact strategy is a 'means to an end'. It furnishes the organisation with a solid framework for all activities to be undertaken. We help  with  strategic planning, policy development, 
governence structures and roadmapping. 
Having a clear well defined strategy creates 
longterm positive business and social impacts. 
In order to implement effective strategies and social impact programs, it is important for our clients to have a solid understanding of their stakeholders, material issues, and their overall socio-economic environment. We provide stakeholder mapping, social impact assessments, and measurement, as well as best practice benchmarking.
We help clients turn their stategies and ideas into action. We break down policies and strategic objectives and turn them into tangible goals, distinct plans and measurable results that produce outcomes. We provide Corporate Social Investment ​development
stakeholder management, training, capacity building and employee engagement. 
Reporting and Communicating
We assist organisations connect and communicate their socio-economic impact progress and results with their stakeholders. Non-financial reporting of performance is an important communication tool between an organsation and its key stakeholders. Communication on activities can take many forms depending on the needs and maturity of the organisation in reporting outcomes.
If you would like yo have an informal discussion about how we can help your organisation, please leave your details below, and we'll get back to you shortly.